Peter Milton

Complete Prints 1960-1996


Chronicle Books, San Francisco: 1996
$45 (hardcover)
$22.95 (soft cover) 

Peter Milton, one of America’s most fascinating artists, turned to printmaking and the possibilities implicit in black and white early in his career. His etchings and engravings are at once surreal, literate, seductive, and technically complex.
At the heart of Peter Milton’s extraordinary prints is a dialogue of opposites: small and large, visceral and abstract, surface and depth, witty and serious. Despite an astonishing technique that renders the most minuscule elements exactly, the real focus and true passion of Milton’s work is a vast, monumental, yet oddly haunted expansiveness. The characters of his stage—well-known figures of our past, Milton’s own children at various ages, portraits come-to-life from the paintings of artists dead and gone—seem to evoke a particular time and place.
This elegant volume includes all of Milton’s etchings from 1960 to the present. A number of duotone reproductions are accompanied by details enlarged to actual size.