The Primacy of Touch: The Drawings of Peter Milton: A Catalogue Raisonné

Peter Milton


Hudson Hills Press, New York: 1993

Peter Milton is one of America’s most important, distinctive, and successful printmakers. His specialty is black-and-white figurative etchings and engravings that combine touches of the surreal, the antic, and the exotic with an unmatched technical agility and almost Victorian complexity. This volume presents all of Milton’s drawings in rich duotone reproductions.
The drawings, many accompanied by details enlarged to life-size, are illuminated by Milton’s own witty and moving commentary on his work. Milton writes of the evolution of his work, in terms not only of materials and technique but also of subject matter, which progressed from abstraction to landscape, to landscape with figures, to figures in urban settings, to subjects of adolescence, and most recently to work that “is now synchronized with [his] own life, and it can contain and reflect [his] personal and aesthetic preoccupations.”