Picasso Linoleum Cuts

The Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kramer Collection


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: 1985


The linoleum cuts of Pablo Picasso reveal the graphic genius of this undisputed giant among twentieth-century artists. Between 1939 and 1968, Picasso explored such themes as bullfights, bacchanalia, still lifes, female heads, and figure studies in a medium that he helped to revolutionize. His invention in 1959 of the one-block technique of linocut printing enabled him to achieve brilliantly colored and richly textured works on paper. Published to accompany an exhibition from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kramer, now in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, this splendid book reproduces in six colors 147 of Picasso’s linoleum cuts, as well as ten of his ceramic plaques. Also included is a foreword by Phillippe de Montebello, director of the Metropolitan Museum, and a selected biography.